Taxi Licence Rules

Taxi Licence Rules

If you want to work for another taxi company, you will need to update your license. For faster processing, you will be encouraged to take your drug test and register and attend taxi school once your application has been submitted to TLC. You`ll need a taxi license to drive in New York City: Explore the City of Chicago Data Portal in for more information on BACP-licensed public cars. Published datasets include, but are not limited to, passenger cars, public drivers, taxi rides, transportation system operator (TNP) vehicles, NPT drivers, and NPT trips. Additional fees are charged for the driver`s license, defensive driving course, wheelchair accessible course and taxi school. Questions regarding the taxi driver`s permit can be obtained by telephone. The applicant/licensee must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, even if not covered below. Any person or company that transports people in a rental vehicle for a fee, such as a taxi, ambulance and any other vehicle used to transport passengers against payment, if specified below. 11. The applicant may not purchase automobile insurance for any reason.

If you do not meet all licence requirements within 90 days, your application will be rejected. All registration fees are non-refundable. One. Any offence involving theft, robbery, burglary, assault, sex crimes, drugs, prostitution or weapons, or 1. Multi-state/multi-jurisdictional criminal record locator or other similar national trade database with validation (primary source search); The Nevada Taxicab Authority requires proof that the applicant can read and communicate orally in English by taking an electronic test. (NRSâ706.8841Â 1(b)(2)Â 2. All motor vehicle records associated with the applicant driver are available under each state`s records laws; and For-hire Vehicles (FHV) provide a pre-arranged service through TLC-authorized bases. The following types of vehicles are considered for rental: Send your request to Business Licenses & Consumer Services 2. The applicant was convicted of assault or attempted bodily harm to a person, regardless of when the conviction occurred.

Licensing timelines vary depending on the completeness of the application and compliance with requirements. Each application and its processing time will depend on the individual`s fingerprint response report, any previous licence revocations from the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), and pending applications or authorizations from the Ministry of Motor Vehicles, the Ministry of Finance and TLC. A general timetable cannot be specified. If you are applying for the first time, you must also hold a New York State Driver`s License or Class A, B, C, or E license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, or an equivalent license from another state. New York State Department of Motor Vehicle driver`s license holders must submit a certified vehicle from their state no later than 90 days prior to submission of the application. 4. In the 5 years preceding the filing of the application, the applicant has been convicted of an offence that includes: Note: We issue this license, but it is processed by the Business Licensing Department (BLS) of the Department of Finance. BLS prints it on the commercial license they provide. They refer to licenses issued by us as endorsements of the commercial license. If you are a current driver, you will automatically receive an extension form and instructions, usually 90 days in advance.

The checklist for applying for a public driver`s license contains all the requirements and steps you need to follow. To make an appointment for a drug test, you must call LabCorp. BACP also issues Transport Network Provider Driver Licenses (TNP or ride-hail). A TNP driver must contact his affiliate TNP to obtain a TNP driver`s license issued by the City of Chicago. Once you have met and submitted all TLC requirements, your application will be thoroughly reviewed. You will receive your permit in the mail or you will receive a letter asking for additional information to continue the application process. List the history of ALL`s convictions and ongoing trials. The initial registration fee is $252 and the drug testing fee is $26. Download the relevant documents, fill them out and submit your application by email to or in person: taxi drivers should not be addicted to alcohol or drugs. If the following naming requirements are not met, there may be delays in processing your application: The facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m.

to 4:30 p.m. ► Applicants for a NEW driver`s license with driver must register at reception before 11:30. ► Individuals can make an appointment by email ► For public safety, When the capacity of the building has reached the maximum allowable capacity, the front door can be locked to prevent more people from entering the building. After submitting a TLC license application online, you must make an appointment to have your fingerprints and a photo taken. You can get more information and make an appointment online. 1. The applicant has suffered a conviction of any kind within the last 10 years on the basis of the date of conviction. 9. The applicant does not have at least 1 year of continuous driving experience with a valid driver`s license in any jurisdiction in the United States, immediately prior to certification.

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