Legal Meaning of the Word Facilitate

Legal Meaning of the Word Facilitate

While Zoom is a good tool for live small group conversations, it has few tools to facilitate the kind of engagement required for true learning. As with so many English words, it`s easy to find a Latin origin for moderation. It goes back to the Latin adjective facilis, meaning “simple”. Other descendants of facilis in English are easy (“easy to do”), easy (“the quality of being easily executed”), faculty (“ability”) and difficult (from dis- plus facilis, which corresponds to “not easy”). Facilis, on the other hand, comes from facere, a Latin verb meaning “to do or to do.” Facere played a role in the development of dozens of English words ranging from affect to abundance. The third was based on semiconductors, which facilitated data processing, automated production and ushered in the digital age. By what right will one machine despise another machine whose springs facilitate its own game? As visiting stores has become increasingly risky over time, many shoppers have bought more products over the internet, bolstering ecommerce players like Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as businesses that enable online payments, like Square and PayPal. “Even if the world has the pandemic under control, business travel won`t come back the same way,” he says, adding that people will simply have fewer reasons to hop on a plane when remote work has facilitated so much remote collaboration. Spiritual gurus who use their power to facilitate sexual encounters with their followers are something of a cliché. It is possible that nasal rinses “agitate the virus and facilitate its spread,” Lane warns. They both stood up and each wore his hat in his hand to facilitate the “thought” and continued in silence. The alleged father may be asked to make payments in such a way as to facilitate the recovery of the loan from the mother.

If you`re one of the many households that bought a fireplace to help you cope with the coming hellish winter or to facilitate a safer gathering for Thanksgiving, you might consider this cocktail about it. While Paul will earn $41 million this season and holds a $44 million option for next season, Phoenix had reduced its payroll and had a cap to facilitate the move. Each cottager maintained their own light or combination of lights to facilitate identification when approaching visitors. But the doors have been standing for ages and it would be sacrilegious to think of demolishing them to facilitate traffic. The research will be used to advance robotic technology and enable smoother human-robot interactions. In his view, he believed that anything lawful was permissible to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of justice. Sicilian seaports, which will facilitate navigation, have already stepped up security measures, especially for incoming ships. The State Department reportedly said he helped facilitate the transfer.

Not all hospices will agree to facilitate self-dehydration, so Schwarz refers patients to those who do. In the West, we`ve partnered with tech companies like MikMak that have enabled social commerce around our core platforms. In R. v. Legaré, the Supreme Court of Canada considered a section of the Canadian Criminal Code that prohibits the use of a computer system to attract a child. They must respect certain legal rules and progressive means to facilitate change by other means. He wants to replace debit and credit cards for the next generation, not only borrowing money to pay for that $2,000 couch or stationary bike, but also facilitating mundane payments. You are not “participating” or “facilitating” a gay marriage. He had shot Collard to help him escape. probably from the French medium facilitate “make easy” (borrowed from Italian facilitare, verbal derivative of facilitã facility) + -ate entry 4 In Rewis, Judge Tuttle of the United States Court of Appeals (5th Circuit) was seized of a law criminalizing or facilitating interstate extortion.

It has a dual mission, which is to facilitate the power of income to provide physical comfort and also prepare them for life. As additional methods, which in some cases facilitate the transfer of stops, the “Double Touch” and the “Pizzicato Touch” should be mentioned. Theme music by Joshua Stamper 2006©New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP Consul, Finding, Furnish, Garroting, Hague Tribunal, Rules. You know, Madam, that you have offered me the means to facilitate our departure from this House. He seeks salvation by facilitating the ascension of those who are tempted to take up arms. And it turns out that these adorable pink drills can make it easier to add carcinogens to the environment. Third, regulatory authorities should provide guidance on the declaration of excipients to allow for greater transparency on the use of excipients and the source of supply. In 1995, another medium was invented that further facilitated collaboration on the Web.

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