Law Bates the Way I See You

Law Bates the Way I See You

“Meeting Tiffany — her heart, passions and dreams — has been the greatest joy of my life, and we`ve had so many wonderful memories together over the past year,” Bates told PEOPLE about his current fiancée. Bates put the question to Tenuta Larnianone in Siena. The Tuscan estate has several farms, three swimming pools, 47 hectares of vineyards and 22 hectares of olive groves. He added: “I didn`t know until this song came out that the girl of my dreams would be in my life and that I would sing it for her.” Her message included a solo photo of Tiffany and a photo of Lawson with her love. Espensen says that even though she was surprised and happy, she must have suspected that something was going on. “I knew something was suspicious when Lawson became terribly mysterious with texts and planning with others. Nevertheless, he blew me away with this surprise! ” she said. « Going to Italy for any occasion is a dream, but especially for an engagement. » “You`re the happiest, funniest guy I`ve ever known!” the actress wrote. “Every day I am amazed at how talented, patient, kind, generous and intelligent you are. I don`t deserve you, but God has brought you to me as the most wonderful blessing! I hope you know how much you are loved by me and everyone who knows you. Thank you for making my world a better place.

“Being able to shoot a project with my girlfriend as a co-star was definitely the icing on the cake! Bates said. “Tiffany and I have been together for a while, and every day I`ve been with her, I find I love her more.” In the video, Lawson sings while his girlfriend Tiffany Espensen, 22, prepares for a date. He takes them in his Ford Mustang and they hold hands on the way to their destination. Lawson planned a romantic installation, with candles and everything. They dance and he serenades her with his guitar. What a way for Lawson and Tiffany to capture their love. Before the song`s release, the 28-year-old explained the inspiration behind “The Way I See You.” He wrote on Instagram: “When I came up with the idea to write this song, my goal was to capture an authentic and heartfelt message of empowerment, hope, and affirmation to someone who feels overwhelmed, neglected, and undervalued. I wanted to make sure I had a broad perspective on things during the writing session, so I reached out to two of my favorite co-writers, @janellearthur and @thejordanrainer. After an incredible 3-hour session, everything came alive! » Tune in to watch the hit UPtv series Bringing Up Bates on the streaming platform Up Faith & Family.

First comes the single, then comes the video! Lawson Bates` single “The Way I See You” is getting better and better. HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE teaser of the Bringing Up Bates star`s music video for the song. The music video is the definition of romantic. HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE first look at “Bringing Up Bates” star Lawson Bates` music video for his latest single “The Way I See You.” The video shows his beautiful girlfriend Tiffany! About a month later, she appeared alongside Bates in the music video for his song “The Way I See You,” and the two opened up to PEOPLE about the filming process together. Bates and Espensen began meeting in February. In July, Espensen shared an affectionate birthday tribute to him alongside a cute photo of the couple. Lawson announced that he would be courting Tiffany in February 2021. Since then, they have been inseparable. Tiffany is an actress known for her role in the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets. She also appeared as Cindy in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

“This country is so beautiful, and I have no words to express how excited I am to share a life with Lawson,” adds Espensen. “I`m so grateful for the effort he put into this engagement, from the ring to the beautiful setting to all the coordinated details. It will always be a wonderful memory that Lawson and I will share forever. Most importantly, we thank God for bringing us together, and we look forward to living a life together in marriage! » Don`t miss a story – sign up for PEOPLE`s free daily newsletter to stay up to date on the best PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to captivating stories of human interest. He described Espensen as “such an amazing and caring person,” adding, “I feel so blessed to have him in my life.” “Our engagement took place at sunset with only a few simple roses and the tranquility of the Tuscan setting. I was thrilled and thrilled when she said, “YES!” Bates says. “We are so thankful that God has brought us both into each other`s lives, and now we are thrilled and excited to prepare for our marriage and future together.” “It`s been a roller coaster ride of a few days so far, from our first stop at the Colosseum in Rome, to a Vespa ride through the hers countryside, a delicious dinner at San Gimignano, to a horse-drawn carriage ride through Florence – all of which has led to the main reason I`m here: ask Tiffany if she would spend the rest of her life by my side,” he says. For his part, Espensen said: “Filming with Lawson was amazing! I was a little nervous when he asked me to be in the video. I`ve never done anything like it before, but he made it all so funny. Of course, he`s my boyfriend, so it was pretty easy to like him, I didn`t play that role at all. He`s the nicest guy in the world and I`m so blessed with him. The `Bringing Up Bates` star, 29, is engaged to girlfriend Tiffany Espensen, as revealed exclusively by PEOPLE. “The Way I See You” is now available on all streaming platforms.

You can watch Lawson in all previous episodes of Bringing Up Bates on the UP Faith & Family streaming service. He proposed to Espensen, 22, during the couple`s trip to Italy this week. The singer-songwriter told her they would be going there to shoot a music video for their latest duet “Crazy Love,” but he decided to use the work trip as an opportunity to surprise her with a proposal.

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