Who Regulates Law Firms in Australia

Who Regulates Law Firms in Australia

“Corrs offers us a one-stop shop in terms of offering a commercial law firm. The firm is a leading independent law firm and maintains close relationships with other independent law firms around the world, which has benefited us in terms of our presence in other jurisdictions in APAC, Europe and the United States. Other statutory services provided by the company to the community include the provision of a registry of law firms and practitioners, as well as the administration of grants for municipal legal services. A group of volunteers reviews pro bono legal aid applications and refers applications that meet the eligibility criteria to a network of approximately 20 law firms that have agreed to accept low-cost or pro bono recommendations. Clyde & Co LLP`s financial services regulatory team leverages its global reach to provide large insurers, brokers and financial institutions with personalized services in a variety of contentious and non-contentious matters, and is known as “one of Australia`s leading insurance companies”. Led by Dean Carrigan, Financial Compliance Authority, and Avryl Lattin, Corporate Governance Expert, the group`s client portfolio includes Blue Zebra Insurance and 360 Underwriting Solutions. The team is supported by Special Advisors Yvonne Lam and Johann Spies, as well as Senior Partner Mitchell McMartin, who specializes in insurance regulation. All of these lawyers are based in the Sydney office. “James Dickson is an exceptional partner because of his high level of legal expertise, commercial competence and ability to deliver results in complex situations with multi-party legal teams. It is very accessible and its response times are fast, which contributes to outstanding results, which has not been the case with other law firms I have dealt with/observed in practice.

The fact that he is passionate and committed to the practice of law also helps. “This practice is unique in that it is a mid-sized national company based in Adelaide. These qualities allow you to be properly equipped without the bureaucracies of larger companies, as you will be able to deal with a senior partner without delegating duties to junior staff, and in addition, being based in Adelaide allows for lower relative rates. “One of Australia`s leading insurance companies.” The statutory interest account is used to fund a number of purposes, including supporting the delivery of legal aid in the ACT and community. Much has changed for law societies in recent years, with governments in Australia, New Zealand, England and Wales, and now Scotland (2010) creating state-sponsored regulatory bodies for lawyers (lawyers and lawyers) and leaving the role of advocacy bodies to the bar associations on behalf of their members. The clearing-house mechanism accepts applications on two types of issues: “public interest” issues that affect a significant number of people or raise a matter of general public interest; and “private interest” issues that have a reasonable chance of success. “Jonny Gordon is a great regulatory partner – he`s responsive, smart, always pleasant and has his finger on the pulse of the regulatory approach.” The Legal Professions Act 2006 obliges society to regulate itself in favour of consumers of legal services. This regulatory service includes maintaining professional standards, protecting clients and public funds, handling complaints of professional conduct, and pursuing disciplinary matters. Hall & Wilcox`s financial services team works with banks, financial institutions, mutual funds, insurance companies and government agencies and advises on a wide range of regulatory matters.

These include fintech, market entry and strategy, regulatory investigations and enforcement, design and distribution obligations, governance, and blockchain. The team consists of Harry New, Adrian Verdnik and Jacob Uljans in Melbourne. “I can honestly say that the level of service is second to none, and I know this is a testament to the good leadership of Michael Chaaya, who invests heavily in his team and his clients. Michael is also an advocate for diversity in the Australian legal profession and actively promotes workplace flexibility and gender diversity. “Liam Hennessy has the expertise of someone 20 years older than him, while also eager to expand his practice. The result is a very attentive lawyer who completely penetrates the diabolical details of Australia`s financial services laws. His international experience also makes him a hands-on expert on regulatory developments in other common law jurisdictions, which is particularly attractive to companies operating worldwide. “Liam Hennessey is our most important point of contact.

He is very knowledgeable and very customer oriented. It is a rising star that offers excellent business results at an average price. “Richard Harris is an executive in this area – his expertise and experience in this area is top-notch and his engagement with high-level client-side stakeholders is excellent. His strategic skills are unmatched. Daniel MacPherson is responsive, analytical and commercial. Minter Ellison`s financial services regulatory practice develops tailored solutions for large banks, insurers and other financial institutions and advises on a wide range of regulatory issues. These include Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensee commitments, Design and Distribution (DDO) reforms, unfair contract policy (UCT) updates, insurance services and products, regulatory and enforcement investigations, antitrust litigation and class actions.

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