Vertical Legal Law Offices

Vertical Legal Law Offices

Some IT channel companies have opted for the legal vertical. Fluid Designs Inc., an IT service provider based in Union, New Jersey, has not only selected law firms, but has also expanded its practice with service areas specifically focused on law firms. AIP Connect is a library of easy-to-use connectors that perform tasks to enhance the basic printing and scanning capabilities of OSA Sharp compatible MFPs. The AIP Connect platform supports a range of connectors that can be centrally managed, providing proven solutions for law firms. Determining what`s important to law firms requires good listening skills, Louissaint added. “Trust me, if you`re listening, the prospect tells you exactly what they need help with, exactly what they need.” Your law firm will have a better understanding of the market you serve. Your website content can reflect trends, behaviors, and other vertical market characteristics. “[The recommendations were] a big turning point for us,” said Stanley Louissaint, president of Fluid Designs. “When an eminent lawyer [us] refers to another eminent lawyer, and this whole system of buddies-buddies. has been extremely critical of how we have progressed. He added that because of his experience, remittances are “keys” to the legal vertical. From Manhattan to Montauk, law firms rely on our products, such as our award-winning MFPs, to protect client data. These law firm solutions have built-in document protection and advanced security options that overwrite all machine data at the end of the lease, including document filing, user data, order status, and address book.

In addition to managed services and troubleshooting services, Fluid Designs offers two other types of services specifically for legal clients: eDiscovery and litigation support services, and computer forensics. One of the benefits of these two practice areas, Louissaint said, is that clients of Fluid Design`s legal clients often become Fluid Design clients as well. “We`re able to manage the client`s infrastructure because they hired us to do it, and on top of that, we can help their clients with their legal affairs while generating additional revenue because we have the expertise,” he said. “That`s one of the added values we bring. We have a few angles that we could touch on when trying to work with a legal client. More importantly, verticals can have a large customer base even if they focus on a specific need or industry, which can lead to greater demand for your services. We welcome applications from talented lawyers who value teamwork and diligence. If you have a passion for learning the nuances of the legal field, please send your application to The Sharp MX-3070N, MX-3570N and MX-4070N Advanced series color workgroup document systems provide innovative workflow solutions for legal environments that can help manage client documents and cases while controlling copying costs. printing and scanning.

Back when ComptronX was firmly established in the legal industry, the company offered consulting and troubleshooting services and helped train employees. Like Fluid Designs, ComptronX has won the majority of its legal clients through referrals and word of mouth. “[The customers] were happy with us. You would be at a bar association [event]. and referred us, and the next morning we would get calls,” he said. While ComptronX has never done targeted marketing, the company has invested in training to better understand legal processes. Vertical and horizontal markets are concepts that many law firms are not familiar with. In fact, few marketers discuss these important factors when talking about selling legal services. Overall, however, Louissaint said all clients of Fluid Designs` law firms rely heavily on availability. “[Law firms] need their systems to function. You don`t make money when it`s down. There is a cause-and-effect relationship that is very tangible in a law firm.

If the system is down. Then they can`t bill a customer, which means they lose revenue at that time. Editor`s note: This is the second part of two articles dealing with the legal services market. Read the first part for an overview of the legal vertical and its unique challenges for service providers. This positions you as an industry leader and the ideal choice for your potential legal needs. Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal of Vertical Legal Law Offices is very astute and his keen sense of law is unprecedented.

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