Sequoia Capital Chief Legal Officer

Sequoia Capital Chief Legal Officer

Previously, Abraham held the positions of Khaitan & Co., Uber, where he was Director of Regulatory Affairs for North America, and most recently General Counsel of CloudKitchens, a ghost kitchen startup founded by Kalanick. Abraham`s appointment as General Counsel of Sequoia Capital India comes at a time when the company is embroiled in a legal battle with its former General Counsel, Sandeep Kapoor. Amid the legal battle between Sequoia Capital and Algo Legal founder Sandeep Kapoor, in-house counsel Mohit Abraham has assumed responsibility for Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia as General Counsel, according to a report published in MoneyControl. “His wealth of experience, entrepreneurial attitude and solution-oriented legal strategy will be invaluable to our founders. He takes over the role previously held by Siddharth V Rao, who will now lead Sequoia`s transformation initiatives in India and Southeast Asia as part of the leadership team. A few months ago, Sequoia said in an internal email to some of its holding companies that it had severed ties with Algo Legal, a law firm founded by Kapoor, due to “disturbing incidents.” Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia has recruited Mohit Abraham, the former general counsel of Uber founder Travis Kalanick`s CloudKitchens startup, as general counsel, according to people familiar with the development, making it a significant hire for one of India`s leading investors. My late grandfather who taught me servant leadership. As Director of Process Excellence, Kevin is responsible for efficiency, automation and operational excellence within Sequoia`s operations and between the company and its partners. As a team leader of consultants, Jed Cloern is responsible for business development and overall customer satisfaction. Jed works closely with the customer service and marketing and support teams to ensure customers get the best value, effective management, positive employee experiences, and all with flexible and scalable programs.

“If you`re the smartest person in the room, you`re in the wrong room.” Anonymous As Vice President, BI and Analytics, Paul is responsible for the entire data lifecycle, from ingesting various internal and external sources to providing customer analytics. It works cross-functionally to demonstrate the value of data to internal and external stakeholders. I live and adapt to life in three different countries and I live a full, healthy and happy life with my family and friends! “The character is like a tree and the call is like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; The tree is real. – Abraham Lincoln Climbing Mount Kenya, listening to my music on the radio, being quoted in the Wall Street Journal, helping our clients improve the lives of their employees. “Life can only be understood upside down; But we must live it forward. – Søren Kierkegaard “You have to ask children and birds what cherries and strawberries look like. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Achieving a balance between work and family is my greatest achievement. My son Nicholas is my pride and joy. “I don`t wish it were easier, I wish you were better. Don`t want fewer problems, want more skills.

Don`t want fewer challenges, want more wisdom. Jim Rohn A caring, courageous and kind girl, who calls me a father, and a father who raised a stubborn and challenging boy and calls him son. As Vice President of Global Consulting, Joe is responsible for the business development of our Global Benefits practice as well as the development of the global advisory services we provide to Sequoia`s clients. He works with these clients to develop and implement employee performance strategies that attract, motivate and retain the best employees to support the company`s mission wherever clients operate globally. As Vice President of Global Security, Petros is responsible for overseeing Sequoia`s security program and overseeing the IT function. He works across the company to protect Sequoia`s systems and data, as well as our customers` data, and support the company`s growth. “The hardest thing is to act; The rest is perseverance. Amelia Earhart cultivates some of the best friends you could wish for. Ben Franklin, Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Magellan, Niki Lauda 20 years of marriage with my amazing wife and the education of 3 amazing children who teach me something new every day. Steven Covey, John Kotter, Brene Brown, Colin Powell, Shigeo Shingo, Simon Sinek “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man`s determination.” Tommy Lasorda Mohit Abraham, who previously worked with Travis Kalanick, co-founder and former chief executive of Uber, now joins Sequoia Capital as general counsel, reports MoneyControl.

As Chief Analytics Officer, Rolland is responsible for ensuring that Sequoia and its clients realize the full power of their business analytics. Rolland oversees enterprise analytics governance and dashboards to help cross-functional teams solve complex problems, leveraging the right information. Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O`Keefe Building several amazing teams with smart people and enriching my knowledge while working with them. On a personal level, raising two wonderful daughters who take care of each other. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pat Tillman, Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey As Vice President of Business Consulting for Sequoia One, Mark leads the New York Market team responsible for all market revenue and customer retention in the region. Mark oversees the NY Business Consultant team and directly manages a client book he has worked with since the NY Market was created for Sequoia One in 2016.

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