Legal Requirements for Marriage in the Bahamas

Legal Requirements for Marriage in the Bahamas

Yes. Your counselor or marriage guardian can show you a variety of options for a traditional, religious, or strictly legal bond. You and your partner must be in The Bahamas for at least 24 hours before you can apply for a license at the Registrar General`s office in Nassau. The exception applies to guests arriving on a cruise ship – in which case you will need a letter from the purser/customer services to confirm that you have been in Bahamian waters for 24 hours. Two witnesses who are 18 years of age or older must sign your marriage certificate, and witnesses can be provided if necessary. Whether your wedding in the Bahamas is a cruise wedding, a Grand Hyatt Baha Mar wedding or a beach wedding, a casual or formal wedding, here are the answers to 10 common questions about marriage in the Bahamas, including the legal requirements of marriage in the Bahamas and tips for making your marriage legal in the Bahamas anywhere in the world. Sandal weddings are truly inspired by love, and in this incredible Caribbean all-inclusive resort, you`ll have an entire team of professionals responsible for planning and coordinating your wedding. A Sandals wedding planner can book your accommodation, date and time of your wedding. They can also help you compile and submit your documents.

Your personal pre-trip wedding planner can schedule a local non-denominational wedding manager to celebrate your wedding and even offer toll-free phone advice. Before walking down the aisle, all couples must be in The Bahamas for 24 hours before they can apply for a marriage license. You will receive your marriage certificate 24 hours after your application, and from there you can proceed with your ceremony. Once you tie the knot in front of two witnesses, you can hand over your signed marriage certificate to process it. “You definitely need to plan ahead,” Sims suggests. 7. Is a Bahamian marriage certificate legal in my country? Yes, the marriage certificate issued by the Government of the Bahamas is a legal document. It`s legal worldwide. The presence of both persons at the time of application is mandatory.

But only the marriage license from the government of the Bahamas is legal. The couple must be in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas at the time of applying for a marriage certificate. Why get married in the Bahamas? How do you complete the paperwork for your marriage certificate? How to Plan a Wedding in the Bahamas in 12 Steps Getting Married to a Wedding Planner Amazing Wedding Venues in the Bahamas Getting Married in Sandals Weddings in the Bahamas FAQ Yes, the Bahamas marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the Government of The Bahamas. The rules being different, many questions arise in the mind of the couple. The majority has a question. Is it legal to get married in the Bahamas in the United States? There was mass confusion and because of that, people in other countries faced many problems. Couples marrying in The Bahamas must first apply for a license from the Department of Civil Status. Yes. You can hold your weekend wedding ceremony in the Bahamas as long as you apply for your marriage certificate on a “business day” before that weekend. If you are looking for a fun wedding, you must consider the Bahamas as a great place for a wedding! People think there are problems getting a legal marriage in a foreign country. However, if you provide the necessary documents and follow the rules, you will not have any problems. If you are planning to get married on one of the “outer islands” of the Bahamas, you will need to contact the office of the administrator of that island to obtain your marriage license.

A marriage certificate in the Bahamas costs $120, and this price includes a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You will receive your marriage certificate the day after your application and it is valid for 90 days. The fee for a marriage certificate is $120, which includes a certified copy of a marriage certificate. And if you want to get your Bahamas marriage license, our exclusive Bahamas priority marriage license application service can help. You must have a declaration form completed by a person (applicant) who is aware of the upcoming marriage. The form must be signed in the presence of a justice of the peace, who is essentially a judicial officer who performs civil marriages. A friend, family member or other representative can act as an explainer. Expert tip: To make your Bahamas wedding experience go as smoothly as possible, get all the legal documents you need ahead of time. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, our goal is to make it easy. Find the answers you need to the most frequently asked questions, from marriage licensing requirements to office logistics. You can also contact one of our romance specialists.

They are there to ease your concerns every step of the way – from weddings and receptions to planning your honeymoon and all the details in between. Once you have these two things with 2 witnesses, you can legally get married in the Bahamas Whether it`s a Grand Hyatt Baha Mar wedding, Atlantis Bahamas wedding, Old Fort Bay Club wedding, Sandals Bahamas wedding, Albany Bahamas wedding, Glenn can help you with all your Bahamas wedding requirements. To apply for marriage in the Bahamas, the couple must be here for at least 24 hours before proposing the marriage. The marriage license according to the rule is acquired one day before the wedding. All other documents such as a notarized affidavit and second piece of identification are also required. ● You do not need to be a citizen of the Bahamas to get married there. Blood tests are also not necessary to get married in the Bahamas. However, you will need to provide all the necessary documents to obtain your marriage certificate.

Be prepared to pay a few extra bucks in fees if you want to legalize your marriage. A marriage license will cost you around $120 and you`ll have to pay an additional fee, depending on which official you want to get. Sims encourages couples to find a good wedding planner or work with their hotel or resort representative to make sure everything runs smoothly. In some cases, legal fees are included in the wedding package. If you are a non-Bahamian marrying a Bahamian, you will probably need to pass an interview that confirms that your marriage is not a marriage of convenience. Each person is interviewed separately. Two witnesses who are at least 18 years old must sign your marriage certificate. If it is just the two of you, witnesses may be provided. If you want to get married in the Bahamas, you must obtain your Bahamas marriage license. The marriage laws in The Bahamas require that all legal marriages in The Bahamas hold a license issued by the Bahamas Registrar for persons residing in The Bahamas at the time of application on the marriage certificate. You must meet the 24-hour residency requirement to apply for your marriage certificate. For a fee of $20 each, you can purchase additional copies of your marriage certificate.

Both people must be present at the vital statistics office when you apply for your marriage certificate. Is marriage legal in the Bahamas in the United States? Yes. The Bahamas is a group of more than 700 islands in the western Atlantic Ocean. Thirty islands and bays are inhabited. On our islands, couples love to plan weddings. Many options are available. The main beauty of these islands are coral reefs and shells. The climate is also tropical. Our islands are located close to South Florida. In the Bahamas, you can have a traditional, religious or strictly legal wedding ceremony. You can also choose a non-denominational or non-religious wedding ceremony.

A local wedding manager can guide you through the different options. Here`s how to get a marriage license in the Bahamas step by step: Now that all the legal details are settled, it`s time to untangle the logistics of your special day. “Hire a planner who has experience planning in the Bahamas,” Sims says. She also encourages couples to spend time in the countryside before planning their wedding ceremony. “I suggest doing at least one sightseeing tour, if not two. It`s also good to rely on your hotel representative or a planner if you have one,” she adds. You should at least spend some time reviewing the premises, solidifying the menus, and meeting with the suppliers. The licence fee is $100; Certified copies of a marriage certificate cost $20. Yes. You will need two witnesses who are at least 18 years old to sign your Bahamas marriage certificate. Cookies may be provided to you if you do not have them. You can view or download an application for a Bahamian marriage certificate here.

Note: For couples getting married in Nassau, marriage certificates and marriage certificates are issued at the Chancellor`s Office in Nassau. This office is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. An appointment for an extended permit application is required. ● Your marriage in the Bahamas is also legal in the United States as a legal marriage under Bahamian law. Many countries now require official documents, such as international marriage certificates, to be certified by the issuing country. In the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, this means that an apostille (a special seal) is affixed by the competent authority to certify that a document is an authentic copy of an original. The apostille can be provided to you within 5 to 7 days of the request through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Apostille application forms must be accompanied by a certified marriage certificate. The cost of each is $120, which must be paid in advance.

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