Legal Relationship between the Middleman and the Businessperson Is Governed by

Legal Relationship between the Middleman and the Businessperson Is Governed by

Here you will find MCQs on the legal aspects of business law with answers. The legal aspects of business law are very important for every individual in India. Therefore, through these MCQs on the legal aspects of business law with answers to ensure that we give you fundamental components of business law, we have developed these MCQs on LAB. 17. Which of these relationships give rise to a presumption of undue influence? __ C. Doctor and patient. D. Husband and wife. Answer: B a. Invalidate it b. Will not invalidate it v.

Will make it illegal d. Will he bet (4) The law of relationship in the businessman and intermediary is the? a) Agency b) Enterprises c) Guarantee d) Inheritance Which of the following countries does NOT have a common law legal system? www-speakhr-com-mcqs-legal-aspects-business-law-answers-.pdf 113. A undertakes to paint a picture of B. He died before painting the picture. The ____ contract. One. is freed by death B. becomes questionable according to B. C.`s options is chosen by the legal representatives of A.

D. must be chosen by the legal representatives of A. Answer: A 2. A breach of contract can be caused by ___ The court may declare termination if the contract is ___. A. void at the applicant`s option B. C. Inapplicable. D. illegal. Answer: A 138. Lack of contractual capacity may result from _____ A.

Lack of consideration. B. Unhealthy of the mind. C. Illegality of the article. D. Insecurity of the object. Answer: B 31. The amount of damages for breach of contract is the difference between ____. A. Contract price and market price at time of infringement. B.

Contract price, if the maximum market price during the term of the contract. C. The contract and the price at which the aircraft could have sold the goods. D. Contract price and price set by the court. Answer: A 25. A, who radiates 10,000 to B, dies alive and has a succession of Rs 6,000. The legal representatives of A are ____. A. responsible for Rs 10,000 B.

responsible for Rs 6,000. C. No Liability. D. liable for Rs 3,000. Answer: B 19. The hedging operation are_________ to an illegal agreement. A. None. B. illegal.

C. Questionable. D. not affected at all. Answer: B 148. An agreement entered into without consideration is ___. A. valid. B.

illegal. C. Questionable. D. null and void. Answer: D 136. If both parties to an agreement have made a mistake that is actually material to the agreement, agreement A. is null and void. B. Questionable.

C. illegal. D. not affected at all. Answer: A Established legal issues such as the English legal system, contracts, consumer, companies and labour law, as well as emerging areas such as health and safety law and environmental law are considered to apply to business. This issue also includes coverage of today`s essential area of intellectual property, written by Janice Denoncourt. 134. An employee is prevented by his contract of employment from accepting a similar undertaking after the end of the employment relationship. The holdback is ______.

A. valid. B. null and void. C. illegal. D. unenforceable. Answer: B The term “civil law” may refer to legal systems whose laws are based on Roman law. It may also refer to? I`m sure you`ll find these MC questions on the legal aspects of business law useful and interesting with answers.

26. If a contract contains an obligation to perform the impossibility, the contract is ___. A. null ab initio. B. null and void. C. questionable at the choice of the applicant. D.

illegal. Answer: A 6. The legal relationship between the intermediary and the entrepreneur is governed by 10. Is the contract cancellable? 1) Partially valid agreement 2) An illegal agreement 3) All of these 4) None of these 18. If there is a causal error, the contract is ____. A. None. B.

Questionable. C. valid. D. illegal. Answer: B 133. Nordenfelt v. Maxim Nordenfelt Gun Co. (190d.b.9 B.L.R. 107 deals with.

A. Agreements on procedural limitations. B. Agreement on minors. Trade restriction agreements. D. Agreements on the coercion to marry. Answer: C. 68. The term “goods for the purposes of the right of sale” does not include ____. A.

Money. B. Enforceable Claims. C. Real Property. D. All of it. Answer: B Which of the following factors contribute to cyber rudeness Choose any good ASTHMA 29 cause stress for the patient and their families and even more cause. 105.

Ordinary damages are damages which ___ Which are considered by the parties at the time of the conclusion of the contract? C. To be agreed in advance D. Are given as a penalty for breach of contract Answer: A 143. A minor enters into a contract for the purchase of certain necessities. In such a case_____________. A. he is not personally obliged to pay. B. he is liable to pay. C.

his estate is payable. D. his guardian is liable to pay. Answer: C. 9. ____ 29. IRDA headquarters, where ____ A. Chennai B. Delhi C. Coimbatore D. Bangalore Answer: B.

2. Breach of contract may be affected by _____ The regulations for opening and closing stores in a market are A. Not illegal, even if they are subject to trade restrictions. B. Unlawful because they constitute a restriction on trade. C. None. D. Invalid. Answer: A 72. An unpaid seller may restrict the right to stop transit if the carrier uses the _____ A.

goods as the seller`s agent. as a representative of the buyer. C. as a representative of both.

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