Legal Community Marketing Awards 2021

Legal Community Marketing Awards 2021

All work created between October 2021 and August 2022 to promote or commercialize the services of a law firm is eligible to participate. To reach its target audience, Khoros conducted various paid and organic marketing campaigns. To ensure attendees could access valuable content long after the event was over, Khoros made each session available for on-demand streaming and summarized key findings in a series of blog posts. In 2021, Khoros exceeded Enlistment targets by more than 100% to bring together a global audience of 2,500 customer experience professionals, including greater reach for key figures who support the company`s global growth and opportunity. The professional, who comes from the international marketing of consumer goods, has, over the years, by importing cross-sector best practices, built a team that has paid great attention to strategic marketing and, for the first time, in an Italian matrix study, has effectively and efficiently implemented a pricing policy aimed at giving the study an absolute competitive value. Assets for your organization. During the reporting period, she was responsible for creating, launching, implementing and managing the Momentum project, bringing the studio to the business community in new and innovative ways with articles, podcasts and webinars. The LMA Southwest Region is pleased to announce the LMA Southwestern Region Your Honor Awards. LMA Southwest YHA individual awards focus on individual members who served between January 1, 2022 and January 31, 2022. July 2022 have made significant contributions to the LMA South West region and the legal marketing industry. This award rewards a professional of the association who has less than 7 years of professional experience in total. You should be someone who, because of their contribution to the profession, the association and their community, is truly “to watch” and promises to be a leader in the future.

Candidates for the Rising Star Award will be selected based on the following criteria: Since September 2020, Altana, Beiten and Nctm teams have been participating in daily conference calls to implement the ADVANT implementation step by step and lead the way with a team operandi mode, followed by all professional teams of the three companies. A shared vision, platform and budget for an increasingly integrated future under the banner of joint marketing strategies in Germany, France and Italy, looking for new jurisdictions. Il Professionista, a giugno 2021, è diventato Senior Manager e Co-head Business Development per la regione Western Europe. È noto al mercato per il suo approccio fortemente analitico e per essere uno dei promotori della cultura data-driven. Concreto e diretto, sempre sul pezzo. This award is presented to an individual member who has made a significant contribution to the legal marketing industry, LMA, the Southwest Region (or its predecessor chapters) and its members, and who has consistently demonstrated the highest level of leadership, innovation and mentorship. Reputable regional members who have been in legal marketing for at least 10 years and who have been actively involved in the LMA for at least 5 years may be considered or have been members of the LMA for at least 10 years. It is not a lifetime achievement award (e.g., the International Hall of Fame). Nominees for the Distinguished Service Award will be selected based on the following weighted criteria: This was followed by the awards ceremony, where professionals as well as communications and marketing teams were recognized for their outstanding work in 2021. A seguire, si è svolta la premiazione dei professionisti e dei team comunicazione e marketing che più si sono distinti nell`ultimo anno. The Legalcommunity Marketing Awards 2021 took place at the Four Season Hotel in Milan.

The awards were an opportunity to recognize teams and professionals from the world of marketing and communication in law firms. The LMASW Your Honor Awards (YHA) program recognizes the creativity, execution, performance and overall excellence of legal marketing in a range of categories consistent with LMA`s body of knowledge. Die CMAs sind das führende internationale Auszeichnungsprogramm für die Erstellung und Verbreitung von Unternehmensinhalten, das vom Content Marketing Institute präsentiert wird. Die CMAs 2022 umfassten 80 Kategorien, darunter die Best Integrated Corporate Experience, die von der Marke gesponserte Veranstaltungen hervorhebt, die vor, während und nach der Veranstaltung unvergessliche Erlebnisse geschaffen haben. He joined the Studio team to develop the entire legaldesign project. The professional was able to combine the binding legal process with the free thought of designers and communicators, proposing innovative ways of practicing and proposing law. The team focused on legaldesign, which is considered an integral part of the corporate identity project, bringing the entire firm to the center of the legal scene, with innovation and modernity. Effectively establishes and manages a highly functional marketing organization through people and processes that foster collaboration and drive overall business goals. Long-term content marketing for engagement, education, and outreach, including SEO, set the pump for non-stop lead generation when personal presence stalled.

What have we learned, what does ROI look like, and what can late B2B marketers who arrive late to the party do to catch up? Khoros Engage brings together a global audience of CX experts to learn from the world`s leading brands leading the way in digital transformation, and experts on a variety of topics, including messaging, community engagement, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and social marketing. Engage seeks to solve common problems with CX strategy guidance and best practices by hosting a variety of keynotes, breakout sessions, live Q&As, and product demonstrations. Uría Menéndez pursues an impeccable communication and marketing strategy that focuses attention on the media and information on company events through the different channels available, including social media, in addition to other marketing and / or promotional activities. Dionisio Uría leads the team, supported by Pilar Igartua and Javier Cantavella. Last year, the best marketing and communication team in Spain. La serata si è aperta con la presentazione dei risultati di una survey curata da Mopi e intitolata « Marketing negli studi legali », ad opera della presidente di Mopi Gaia Francieri e del direttore di MAG e di Nicola Di Molfetta. Includes the identification, implementation and effective management of technology technologies and people that support marketing and business development. Come project manager ha guidato, per la prima volta una fusione alla pari fra tre studi dell`Europa continentale. Un approccio al marketing fino ad ora inesplorato e ad una leadership innovativa per un processo di integrazione complesso e affascinante. The evening began with a presentation of a survey organized by Mopi entitled “Marketing in Law Firms” by Mopi President Gaia Francieri and MAG and Director Nicola Di Molfetta.

AUSTIN, Texas (August 25, 2022) — Khoros, an award-winning leader in digitally-driven customer engagement software and services, has won a 2022 CMA (Content Marketing Award) for Best Integrated Enterprise Experience. The award recognized the execution and effort behind Khoros Engage 2021, its third annual event for digital leaders. Demonstrates an understanding of the advocacy profession by assessing companies` financial and operational performance, developing strategies to capitalize on market opportunities, and implementing practices that maximize returns. The team, led by Serena Bolcano, has grown with the arrival of Marta Canali. The professional has added a professionalism that of media relations, so that the marketing team can no longer use an external agency. The team now controls the entire internal communication process. The professional is confirmed as one of the best in the marketing team`s guide to advertising.

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