Legal C Bar Dedham

Legal C Bar Dedham

Il Massimo offers a seasonal Italian menu inspired by regional Italian cuisine. We went to Legal Seafood Long Wharf. The clam chowder and mussels were delicious and well prepared. The chioppino was overcooked and very bland, definitely not worth the $39 price. The crab cake combination was also terribly overcooked. We won`t be going back again. There are so many other seafood restaurants in Boston. Definitely inferior. Plus I went to my mother`s birthday.

The staff made sure we met our needs and the food/service was fantastic!! I`ve been a legal fan for as long as I can remember, but tonight was my worst experience. I ordered dinner, water and wine together. Dinner came before the others. The fried clams were exaggerated, no roll was provided, I had to ask for cola coleslaw. Wine and water had to be requested a second time after dinner arrived. Last time I will have dinner at this place. Read more Nice hotel with good seafood and good atmosphere. The clam chowder was good, as was the lobster roll. Good place to eat also with kids.

Yard House is an upscale casual restaurant specializing in fine dining, classic rock and 130. Legal Sea Foods gave birth to Legal C Bar – a focused yet full-bodied, casual-style social urban venue. Classic “C” dishes such as clams, cod and squid, as well as individual cocktails, offer a contemporary and comfortable experience. We used to love this place. Usually the server staff is great. We both ordered scallops. We waited a very long time for our meals. During the long wait, our waitress never approached us, never filled the glasses with water, never asked if we. wanted a second drink. The scallops have arrived. They were warm as rice.

I think they sat for quite a while. She forgot the escort we had requested, and when she returned, I asked to warm up the scallops. She was not happy, did not apologize. Finally, she came back, put down the plate and left. She never came back to ask if everything was okay. Finally, she showed up, left the bill and left without saying a word. I never asked if we wanted coffee or dessert. We left a tip we shouldn`t have done. I should also mention that there weren`t many people when we were there, so she was overwhelmed with guests. More prices are high vs quality and flavors.

I feel like the quality has gone down in the last 18 months. The reception service is poor and they will not hesitate to put you in a bad location in their restaurant just to save the big ones. for potential customers who do not come (it was 8 pm)More I went to the legal. C Bar on Thanksgiving Eve for lunch. My mother wants to invite me to lunch. She is 89 years old and legal seafood has always been her pleasure. We arrived around 1130. We ordered Chowder which was great.

We have the rollers. Always delicious when it`s great. Ours were hard as stones. We ordered fried clams, onion cords and were very disappointed. They weren`t hot, they were greasy and mushy and so small. Basically terrible. The only good thing was that we tried ordering clam sides and onion rope sides and were told we couldn`t, so we saved a few bucks just by ordering the food. I hope this is just a C bar issue and legal seafood is better. Such a disappointmentMore My husband and I ate at the Legal C Bar last week – we sat at the bar with an inattentive bartender. I ordered fried scallops (32.99) and asked for a side dish instead of fries – I was happy with the broccoli gratin, but. Less happy with the 7 – as in seven – scallops I received. I took a picture of my meager portion.

When the bartender finally came back to ask how it was, I asked him where the rest of my dinner was. She shrugged and said they were expensive. I agree that inflation and fuel prices have taken their toll, but I have not seen anyone get half a lobster loaf. This isn`t the first time I`ve noticed a decrease in portions and an increase in prices in restaurants, but come on, I didn`t know I had to ask how many scallops I would get for $33. I`m sorry I didn`t refuse the food and I`m leaving. More Two bars (including a food bar) anchor the restaurant, which also offers communal tables, wedge cabins and mezzanines, as well as patio seating in warm weather. Serve classic seafood in a modern and comfortable experience. We had great sushi here and a wonderful tuna burger. It was a great lunch. The service was excellent.

The restaurant was very busy after our stay for a while, so if you need social distancing, eat outside of opening hours. There are a few seats outside but it`s very limitedMore I traveled from out of town and only went inside to order something to take away to take back to my hotel. Even during this brief visit, the two staff members I met could not have been friendlier and more attentive. I can`t wait to. Come back and have time to sit down to eat. Plus We had a business meeting here a few months ago, and aside from the consistency of Legal Seafood`s menu, we had a great time eating, talking and drinking in this sophisticated, large but intimate space. We will definitely consider Legal C again as an after-work destination. This visit made me rethink legal affairs as a special treatment. It was my first time coming to the Dedham site.

It will certainly be my last in this place and perhaps to the lawyers. Three strong points were the pleasant service, the atmosphere and the appetizers:. Mussels and chowder. The highlights were the appetizers and accompaniments: fisherman`s platter, salmon and green beans. What wasn`t overcooked was old. A waste of $133. At least they made up for dessert. More During the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic, we cooked at home for 340 days without eating out, going to take out or using delivery. Our first meal delivered was this one from the Legal C Bar for a surprise birthday dinner and a break from the routine. Everything was.

The food went well, arrived on time, warm and well packaged and tasted fabulous. The only catch was that the main course of crab cake for the birthday child was missing. We called and spoke to Alexa who apologized very much and went the extra mile to get the crab cake delivered as soon as possible (along with another piece of delicious lime cake and a $50 gift credit for our next visit). The food was memorable and tasty, and we have now ordered delivery from them a second time with great success and we will do it again. Thank you Alexa for making this a very special birthday! More Come for seafood and stay for shopping. Our restaurant in the new Legacy Place Lifestyle Center will inspire you. I ate here last night, for the first time in about 3 years. Last time they had changed the menu and it was a mess, with no divisible elements and too many questions, and the prices had gone crazy. 3 of us shared two huge sushi.

Rolls (shrimp tempura and fireworks). Both were so oversauced that you couldn`t taste the fish. But they were big. We also had very good nigiri sake and sashimi (big chunks) and for $6 you get a small scoop of seaweed salad (good but such a small portion!). Also shared a Caesar salad with fried tuna. The tuna was excellent, the salad was dipped in the vinaigrette. The meal took almost an hour to arrive, and the check was also hard to find. Understandable if the kitchen was secure for the first one, but it shouldn`t take that long to get the check as the place was quite empty at the time. We paid cash just so we didn`t have to wait for the CC to come out and back. The place was maximum 1/2 to 2/3 full, I expect them to limit places due to staffing issues but they had 3-4 people in the host grandstand which could be 1 or 2 too many. The food was very good (except for the sushi oversauce). More.

I have been here several times when I have lived in the area. They usually had good service and food. I was delighted to be back in the area for dinner/lunch there. I ordered the fisherman`s tray and the side of the grated broccoli. I was expecting. Normal fisherman`s tray, which I have always ordered. In the end, the seafood in the beer batter was thick and not good at all. When I asked him, I was told that this was the new menu and that I had to specify the original breading.

Okay, I couldn`t eat it, so I asked for a takeaway container. After a while, the broccoli came gratin while I was waiting for a check, so I took it with me to leave too. No, I`m sorry you didn`t enjoy it or the fact that the broccoli came 10 minutes after dinner. More.

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