Lau Freshman Requirements

Lau Freshman Requirements

Special information for Lebanese first-year students Want to make sure you have all your ducks online before applying? Check the national and non-state or homeschooling requirements for admission to LSUS. There are minimum admission requirements: You must have an unweighted academic average of 3.0 based on 19 base units. The first year prepares students to pursue higher education within the framework of the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. MyLSU is a customized online resource center for all LSU students. For incoming students, myLSU is where you meet enrollment requirements, including accommodation, vaccinations, online orientation, and more. Louisiana Residents: LSU automatically receives vaccination information from students in the state. In addition to current immunization records, you must also submit the TB questionnaire to meet the requirements. You can fill out this form and check your vaccination status via the patient portal. At LAU, you can leave your personal mark.

Faces are friendly, classes are small, and faculty and staff will always send you an email. As a first-time applicant, you will be considered a second-year student or entry-level student, depending on the type of high school graduation. A dedicated career guidance staff will help you overcome potential doubts during the first year, choose the internships that are right for you, and find your first job. Should you apply as a first-year or transfer student? How do you check the status of your application? Can you still be considered for admission with a GED? Find answers to all these questions and more by speaking with the admissions team at 318-797-5061 or There are higher requirements for scholarships, as stated here. It is important that you choose the right major by combining what you love to do with what you are good at. Check out the LAU majors offers, and if you need help choosing your major, this page might help. Since you are applying as a first-year student, you will enroll in the first year of arts or science in the first year, depending on your chosen major.

Don`t worry, if you`re not sure about your track choice, the following chart will help: Admission requirements, documentation, test results, and submission deadlines are the same for all undergraduate programs, with two exceptions: Take the next step towards your first-year experience. Contact an admissions counselor to learn more about how to get started or schedule a visit to explore our Shreveport campus. First-year students admitted to Bachelor of Arts programs are considered “first-year arts students,” while those admitted to Bachelor of Science programs are considered “first-year science students.” However, first-year students in graphic design, interior design, or business may choose to meet both requirements. Non-Louisiana residents: You must submit the Proof of Compliance with Immunization form, which must be completed by a physician or health care provider. No separate documents or attachments will be accepted. You can download the completed form via the patient portal. Prepare your documents and apply online. You can do this via the LAU online application or via the common app: LSU`s comprehensive exam process ensures that we never make admissions decisions based solely on numbers. Instead, we look at the entire student and application to determine your chances of succeeding at LSU. Our admissions committee verifies each application and we want to know everything about you.

Follow these steps to activate your myLSU account: Note: The required documents listed below do not need to be submitted prior to the common application. Do not hesitate to submit the application as your documents are pending. Learn how to prepare your documents for upload in the online application. Other factors are assessed in our review, but they do not replace the assessment of academic factors. These factors include traits that correlate positively with student success in college. To be considered for Honors College, simply check the box on the LSU application that indicates you want to be considered. If you are admitted, there are other scholarship opportunities, which you can learn about here. You must submit either the housing contract OR the housing exemption to register for LSU. After applying and paying your registration fee, you will receive an email within 3-10 business days to the email address you provided in your application. This email contains your unique username and temporary password, as well as the steps to activate your portal account. You deserve the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

We are confident that our elite community of scientists will benefit from the contributions of your many talents, and we look forward to welcoming you to LSU! Use your myLSU credentials to log in to the patient portal. The deposit must be submitted before you can complete an item from the checklist below. LSU makes excellent scores for admission and scholarship exam. If you are a high school student interested in joining LAU, contact the Student Recruitment Office. LSU Shreveport is an accredited public university that is considered one of the most affordable colleges in Louisiana. We also provide millions of dollars each year in scholarships and other support to students like you. The LAU portal is a customized online platform, sign up to do the following: In the common app, you list your high school counselor`s information, and they will be prompted to send your transcript to LSU by choosing one of the following methods: We require at least one letter of recommendation from an academic source (consultant, teacher, consultant, administrator, etc.) for all applicants. Louisiana law requires vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella and tetanus, diphtheria. LSU also requires a completed TB questionnaire for all LSU entry-level students. If you select the option in the common app that your SAT or ACT scores will not be taken into account in your application, your admission and scholarship decision will be made without looking at your test results, even if you had already submitted them. Registration is possible on your LSU admission portal. Join us on campus and discover LSU as an accredited student! These preview days are designed to delve deeper into all the resources and opportunities LSU has to offer for your academic career.

Submit Registration DepositBengal Bound OrientationCredits and Placement1-on-1 Dates Discover exciting opportunities and join the LSUA family today!.

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