How to Apply for Legal Aid in Oklahoma

How to Apply for Legal Aid in Oklahoma

Through a medical-legal partnership, the MLPC lawyer can help patients navigate complex government and community systems that may contain solutions to the social determinants of health. Examples include income support for food-insecure families, protection from closure during the winter months, and removal of mold from asthma homes. Services can be used by patients at the clinic through social workers. HOMELESS LEGAL AID PROJECTThe project helps solve the legal problems of people who are homeless or about to become homeless. Both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City law firms have plans to help the homeless. Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services lawyers are available for training on legal issues of immigration, citizenship, family petitions, etc. Make an appointment or visit the following websites. CSS and Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. (LASO) have partnered to provide comprehensive services to child care providers and clients. In exchange for joining LASO`s pro bono panel and willingness to provide legal advice and represent a CSS client in a matter other than child custody, CSS offers CLE child support free of charge. There are many more benefits to joining LASO`s Pro Bono panel. LASO provides malpractice insurance for its referred cases and the expertise of recruitment lawyers and legal documents.

LASO also offers a free CLE and discount on the OBA CLE once a lawyer has completed 20 hours or more of pro bono service. Clients must meet certain income requirements to be eligible for LASO`s services. Many clients referred to the pro bono program require basic legal assistance, such as filling out forms or getting legal advice. Lawyers who wish to join the partnership between CSS and LASO are not limited to accepting clients who need support for children. Law students and professors at Oklahoma City University`s American Indian Wills Clinic provide free legal assistance in estate planning to Native Americans. Trinity Legal Services provides low-cost legal assistance to people in financial difficulty in the greater Oklahoma City area. If you are struggling with a civil law problem or if you do not understand your legal rights, there is hope. If you qualify as a low-income person, LASO lawyers and paralegals can help you in civil and non-criminal matters. If you live in Oklahoma and need legal help with a civil law issue, you`ve come to the right place. Legal issues can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you don`t have a lawyer. If you can`t afford a lawyer, you can prepare legal documents and represent yourself in court.

Each case is different. Be sure to talk to a lawyer about your case. Find information and seek legal assistance at Legal services under Title III-B of the Older Americans Act (OAA) are provided through grants to states authorized by the OAA. Community Living, Aging and Protective Services (CAP) distributes and monitors subsidies for services. Legal aid protects older persons from attacks on their independence, freedom of choice and financial security. Aging Services contracts with 11 Regional Aging Agencies (AAAs) in Oklahoma to provide free legal services to residents 60 years of age and older. Regional Agencies on Aging In Oklahoma, legal services are provided to AAAs through Oklahoma, Inc. Legal Aid Services.

These legal services are specifically for “older persons with economic or social needs”. Legal assistance for Oklahoma seniors includes extended policies, powers of attorney, wills, debts, Social Security disability, eviction, consumer financial matters, estate planning, and grandparent issues, to name a few. Oklahoma Legal Aid Services – 60+ Oklahoma Legal Aid Services – OK-SPLASH Senior Helpline Oklahoma Free Legal Answers Send your legal questions and a pro bono lawyer will get back to you for free. Sponsored by the Oklahoma Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Oklahoma Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission. Legal Aid lawyers and paralegals can help you with civil and non-criminal matters involving basic needs. Oklahoma Lawyers for America`s Heroes program provides free legal advice and assistance to serving soldiers as well as veterans. Visit for more information. To learn more about help, click here: or call OK-SPLASH: 918-308-5295 or 1-855-488-6814 We ask you questions about your income, the number of people in your household and your legal problem. After receiving all the necessary information, legal aid may decide to take charge of your file. Our lawyers are available to assist with civil law matters for Women in Recovery participants. Click here for information on WIR program requirements. HISPANIC AWARENESS PROJECTWou provide our legal information documents in Spanish.

We also offer community presentations on legal aid in Spanish at community events and organizations. Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma is a non-profit law firm. We are here for you because we believe that access to the legal system is just as important as food, shelter and clothing. Neighbor For Neighbor Legal Clinic provides legal services in uncontested civil areas, regardless of age, place of residence, or income level. Curo Legal Help veterans identify legal needs and clear solutions.

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