Dsk Legal Practice Areas

Dsk Legal Practice Areas

“The team is very hardworking and hardworking. Their understanding of economic realities makes them one of the most important legal teams in complex commercial disputes. They are tech-savvy and making work seamless during the pandemic. Contact: Ajay Shaw (ajay.shaw@dsklegal.com); Anjan Dasgupta (anjan.dasgupta@dsklegal.com). “This practice has grown in importance as times change. People and technology play an important role when it comes to white-collar crime. The ability to understand the technical game and the people who drive that understanding becomes the key to this practice. DSK Legal has been at the forefront of technology-backed human innovations to improve the results of this practice. Contact: Anand Desai (anand.desai@dsklegal.com); Chandrima Mitra (chandrima.mitra@ dsklegal.com) Rishi Anand (rishi.anand@dsklegal.com).

“The team handled many of our legal matters. Each member of the team is attentive, experienced and very efficient. Most Floridians don`t assume they need to hire a lawyer for a civil or criminal case. However, legal issues can be much more common than many people would expect, and it`s extremely important to have a dedicated lawyer by your side who has experience handling cases like yours. Contact: Anjan Dasgupta (anjan.dasgupta@ dsklegal.com); Dinesh Pardasani (Dinesh. pardasani@dsklegal.com); Ajay Shaw (ajay.shaw@dsklegal.com); Samir Malik (Samir.malik@dsklegal.com). Contact: Anand Desai (anand.desai@ dsklegal.com); Aparajit Bhattacharya (aparajit. bhattacharya@dsklegal.com); Ajay Shaw (ajay.

shaw@dsklegal.com); Hemang Parekh (hemang. parekh@dsklegal.com); Rishi Anand (rishi.anand@ dsklegal.com), Harvinder Singh (harvinder.singh@ dsklegal.com), Sharath Chandrasekhar (scharath. chandrasekhar@dsklegal.com); Aninda Pal (aninda.pal@dsklegal.com). Contact: Sajit Suvarna (sajit.suvarna@dsklegal.com); Niraj Kumar (niraj.kumar@dsklegal.com); Sagar Kadam (sagar.kadam@dsklegal.com), Saloni Mody (saloni.mody@dsklegal.com). “Ms. Chandrima Mitra is a partner at the firm and leads its media practice. She is extremely knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Thanks to her many years of experience and knowledge not only in the legal field, but also in the media sector, she is able to find solutions to various structures, legal disputes and potential problems.

It handles the majority of high-profile transactions in the industry. We are proud to have acquired skills in various areas of service, including recognition by legal journals for aviation, banking and finance, financial markets (debt and equity), business and trade, dispute resolution, environment, access to the latest guides, updates, thought leaders and events for advocacy “Ajay Shaw: eloquent experienced legal expert”. Main areas of litigation and arbitration: 8 partners, 54 fees based in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. With more than 55 lawyers employed by DSK Law, we have lawyers experienced in handling many types of civil and criminal cases. Our services range from large-scale corporate advice to advocacy work for individuals in personal legal matters. Founded in 2001, DSK Legal has since established an excellent reputation for its proactive, pragmatic and innovative legal advice based on integrity and value and its ability to help clients navigate the legal and regulatory regime effectively in India. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad, DSK Legal`s expertise has rapidly grown into a multidisciplinary team of more than 250 lawyers, including 53 partners. We are modern and inclusive in our perspective and have a solution-oriented approach. Kontakt: Anand Desai (anand.desai@dsklegal.com); Nirav Schah (nirav.shah@dsklegal.com); Jatin Pore (jatin.pore@dsklegal.com), Jatin Pore Kirat Singh Nagra (kirat.nagra@dsklegal.com); Vikrant Singh Negi (vikrantsingh.negi@dsklegal.com); Kartik Yadav (kartik.yadav@dsklegal.com); Samir Malik (Samir.malik@dsklegal.com); Dinesh Pardasani (Dinesh.

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