Chase Credit Card 2 Year Rule

Chase Credit Card 2 Year Rule

If you apply for the Amazon Chase, this card is subject to the 5/24 rule. Finally, some Ultimate Rewards cards allow you to bypass Chase restrictions 5/24 if you have received a targeted invitation to apply by mail. These personalized offers come with a personalized RSVP code that cannot be transferred to others and does not work to co-branded cards. However, deleting the authorized user account from your credit report does not happen overnight. This can sometimes take 60 to 90 days. So, if you`ve already applied for a card, it`s worth calling Chase`s verification line and asking for an exception if it`s an authorized user account that prevents you from being approved for a Chase card. According to the latest data points, you will technically not be below 5/24 until the first day of the 25th month after opening your fifth account. For example, if your fifth account was opened on July 17, 2021, you won`t apply for a new card until at least August 1, 2023. In 2015, some candidates with excellent credit scores who had applied for Chase credit cards were suddenly turned down.

The reason given by the officers was that an applicant had “opened too many new accounts in the past 24 months.” There were enough data points to determine that the threshold for a Chase rejection was to have opened five or more credit card accounts with all banks in the past 24 months. The best place to determine your 5/24 account is your credit report. Your credit report shows which credit card accounts you opened and when you opened them. From that moment on, it is a question of doing a little calculation. A good total spend card that allows you to keep a balance on new purchases with a low introductory APR, pay no annual fees, and earn at least 1.5% cash back on all purchases Yes, unfortunately, 5/24 now applies to virtually all Chase cards. What cards can I request that are not under the aegis of Who and do not take into account the 5/24 rule when approving a new account? When Chase had just had the Special Offer of the Companion Pass with the new Priority Card, the terms and conditions were stated – no bonuses received in the last 24 months and no current Chase Southwest cards were opened. I paid and closed my Chase Premier account (which they confirmed they could see when I was denied on the new Priority card) and was told that even though that account was closed, Chase turned down applicants who recently had a Southwest card. Which is really bad. Why don`t they just write these details in the terms and conditions? In November 2018, Reddit users began reporting that they were being declined for other Chase credit cards that were not previously included in the list above. There are rules in every game. And there are some who are trying to push the boundaries of these rules.

In the world of credit card rewards, credit card issuers have established rules to limit the ability to cross borders. One of the most well-known rules is known as the Chase 5/24 rule. Unfortunately, no. Chase counts credit cards from 24.5., even if they have been closed. All of these questions continue to refer to NUR Chase accounts/credit cards. The 5/24 rule currently affects apps on all Chase cards, including: To avoid similar cases of connection abuse, other credit card issuers have implemented their own enforcement rules. Future Opportunities: If you ask for too many cards, you can look outside for new welcome offers or new credit card products. Although it can be difficult not to jump on the opportunities in front of you, this is a case where the turtle can beat the rabbit.

For some, it may not matter. For others who are re-evaluating their points and mileage strategy, it can be frustrating to be excluded from credit card products. The card currently has a welcome offer of 30,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months after opening an account. In addition, up to 30,000 additional bonus points have spent up to $15,000 earning a total of 2 bonus points per dollar spent on purchases that normally earn 1 bonus point in the first 6 months after opening the account.

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